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Stefan Mieth
ist Senior Consultant und Projektleiter bei der AIT und unterstützt Unternehmen bei der Einführung und Optimierung des Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. Er hat sich unter anderem der Definition und Verbesserung von ALM Prozessen verschrieben und hilft Unternehmen bei der Etablierung agiler Software Entwicklungs-Methoden und dem lösungsorientierten Anpassen der Werkzeugkette. +Stefan Mieth

Stefan Mieth

New version of AIT WordToTFS2010 available

Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

A new version of WordToTFS is out now The amazing and popular tool for improving the TFS requirement engineering using Microsoft Word. WordToTFS closes the gap between requirement specifications written in Microsoft Word and Team Foundation Server. Publishing your requirement specification from Word into TFS work items was never that easy!

So give it a try, and tell us your thoughts about it!

New features in Version 2010

1. Template Manager

2. Template Verification

3. Sync Pane

4. Web Access Link

5. Parent-Child Links

6. Template Selection


WordToTFS – New feature overview

WordToTFS – Template Managerclip_image004

Templates in WordToTFS are used to resolve the mapping between table cells in MS Word and TFS work item fields. One of the highlights of the new version is the “Template Manager“ which provides the ability to manage templates from various kinds of sources. It doesn´t matter if your templates are stored locally, on the company’s network or even on the internet. Just type in the designated path and the template manager will do the syncronization with the template source. Once these mapping templates are syncronized, you are also able to use them offline, e.g. while traveling.

Template Verification

Another point of interest for our customers and the community was a check functionality to detect errors in the field mappings (Between the fields of the selected MS Word template and the work item fields provided by the TFS). Each time you change the template or the TFS server connection, the linked fields will be checked automatically and all variations will be recognized and displayed.


The Sync Pane

To improve the visualization of the publishing process we added a new task pane (see image below). After having published the requirements from MS Word to TFS, the new task pane will display the status of all synchronized work item. Three check boxes allow the user to filter the results.


Parent-Child Links

Linking work items (e.g. requirements with tasks) allows the user to create a hierarchy. Now you can use this organizational functionality to create a hierarchical structure for your work items. In the XML configuration files you can configure a field to act as parent connector with one parent ID or to act as a child using one or more child ID´s.

Web Access Link

Via the ID (here 316) which contains a new link you can acces the work item dialog using Team Server Web Access.



Template Selection

clip_image018To improve the usability we decided to remove the popup dialog for template selection and replaced it with a drop down box in the MS Word ribbon. The additional tooltip provides information about the location of the selected template.

The new WordToTFS 2010 version can be downloaded at the AIT Tools & Downloads web page.
We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

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