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Sven Hubert

Sven Hubert

Announcing TFS ASAP – a server-side extension for TFS

Montag, 25. November 2013

Let me introduce you to the new Automated Servicing and Administration Platform for Microsoft Team Foundation Server:

TFS ASAP is the answer to the following question most TFS users ask us:

Can I have aggregates effort numbers in parent work items?

Does the parent automatically change its state when all children have been closed?

Can I see the impact of my changes to a requirement within the hierarchy?

Can I book hours on a task for Friday last week?

TFS ASAP is a server-side extension for TFS that helps you with those questions. It’s an extensible platform for which you can implement your own plugins (Enterprise Edition required) or use the rich built-in plugins that we will constantly extend and evolve in future updates to customers who subscribed to our maintenance service.

We’ve created a bunch of product videos which show the power of TFS ASAP and it’s ease of usage:


Note: As an MVP you are entitled to get a free license for your demonstration and development machines. Just contact us under and send us your MVP Id, name, address and name of TFS app-tier (e.g. vsalm for the Brian Keller virtual machine)!

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