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Benjamin Fischer

Benjamin Fischer

Enforcing your company wide policies with the AIT Apply Company Policy Package

Dienstag, 22. April 2014

Uniform policies that take care about the architecture and the development can ease the collaboration between team members. The usage of such policies will lead to understandable code that can be easily enhanced by different developers. Therefore a whole company can benefit from the use of such policies.

Different tools exist to enforce these policies, for example the Static Code Analysis feature of Visual Studio and other extensions like ReSharper or StyleCop. To ensure that these tools work efficiently a very detailed configuration is necessary for each tool. But at the same time it is not guaranteed that these tools work seamlessly with each other, as the different settings of the tools can be competitive. One main barrier for the efficient realization of policies is therefore the lack of automation and control of the policies!

To overcome this weakness, we present to you the Apply Company Policy Package. With this tool all relevant settings for the efficient realization of a company-wide policy can be created, managed and distributed form a central position. Our new tool already attracted attention in the current issue of the dotnetpro magazine and is explained in detail in an article. In addition, a short video presentation of ACP is also available on your YouTube channel.


  • Easy installation as NuGet-package.
  • Central administration and distribution of all company-wide settings with the NuGet mechanism.
  • Central changes of all company-wide settings with the NuGet-Update mechanism.
  • Automatic settings of Visual-Studio specific settings.
  • Automatic configuration of external tools.

The AIT Apply Company Policy Package is available for your customizations and adjustments as a free download. Recommended settings for your IDE can be accessed via the official NuGet Stream.


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