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Thomas Rümmler
Thomas Rümmler arbeitet als Managing Consultant und Projektleiter bei AIT und ist von Microsoft als Most Valuable Professional (MVP) für Visual Studio & Development Technologies ausgezeichnet worden. Sein Arbeitsschwerpunkt liegt auf Application Lifecycle Management und DevOps. Thomas hilft Unternehmen ihren Entwicklungsprozess ganzheitlich zu verbessern. Seine Erfahrung gibt er als Autor des TFS-Blogs und Sprecher im Microsoft DevOps Umfeld weiter.

Thomas Rümmler

WordToTFS 4.3 released

Donnerstag, 09. Oktober 2014

Since we got a lot of customers using WordToTFS outside the German-speaking world, we publish the blog post announcing the new release in English language, too. In the future we will publish any announcements of our tools in English as well.

The release of WordToTFS 4.3 is available for download. There are a lot of new features as well as some bugfixes, which are listed below.

New features in WordToTFS 4.3

  • Pre und Post Operations
    • There is a new operation called RefreshAllFieldsInDocument. It triggers Word to refresh fields (e.g. bookmarks) automatically.
    • Furthermore Pre and Post Operations are available for all Test Specification Reports and Test Result Reports.
  • Download of Test Results
    • Now the Test Result Report provides two modes of folder name structure for download of test results. In the WordToTFS template one can decide between WithGuid und WithoutGuid. Hence, folders can be created in a more human readable way.
  • Improvement of consecutive numbering of Shared Steps
    • For numbering Shared Steps WordToTFS creates a numbered list in the Word document and takes care of the correct indentation.
  • Parameter Values of Test Cases
    • With each test case within a Test Result Report it is now possible to show the parameter values used for test execution. The values are grouped by test iteration.
  • Variables in WordToTFS Templates
    • It is now possible to define variables in WordToTFS templates. Those can be used in the FIeldMappings. This allows flexibly changing the content by modifying the configuration (cf. Figure 1)
      Figure 1: Variables in a WordToTFS Template
      Figure 1: Variables in a WordToTFS Template
    • For using the variables, the new FieldValueType called BasedOnVariable has been introduced. Fields having this type are excluded from synchronization with TFS
  • WordBookmark in particular cells of the WordToTFS tables
    • The new attribute WordBookmark enables one to automatically generate Word bookmarks for a specific Field Mapping for future reference.
  • Bugfix Image compression
    • In some cases images were downscaled each time an item was published into TFS. As a consequence, image quality was reduced with each publish. This bug has been fixed.


Install the Update

Attention: This update is available for major release 4, only. Please find the full details of the different versions under

Anyone who has not installed WordToTFS, yet, can download the application from the URI mentioned before for free.

For users of WordToTFS 4.x:

WordToTFS automatically searches for updates regularly. Nevertheless the update mechanism can be manually enforced by using the update button in the WordToTFS ribbon (cf. Figure 2).

Figure 2: Enforce update manually

Figure 2: Enforce update manually

It is very easy to check whether the latest version is already installed. Just open the about box from the WordToTFS ribbon. If the window shows version 4.3.* (cf. Figure 3), the update was successful.


Figure 3: About box showing the new version

Figure 3: About box showing the new version

We appreciate any feedback on WordToTFS. We are glad to help you, just contact us.

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