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Thomas Rümmler
Thomas Rümmler ist Senior Software Consultant und Projektleiter bei AIT. Er hilft Unternehmen ihre Software unter Einsatz des Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Servers effizienter zu entwickeln. Seine Erfahrung gibt er als Autor und Sprecher im Microsoft ALM Umfeld weiter.

Thomas Rümmler

TFS ASAP is an official Visual Studio Online Integration

Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

Visual Studio and the overall Team Foundation Server ecosystem provide a lot of options for extensibility. These are widely used to close gaps or address customer specific scenarios. Hence, a a lot of partner solutions have been growing over the last years, including our latest one TFS ASAP Online.

Since we have been working in hundreds of customer projects, we have been seeing a lot of those scenarios. By abstracting customer specific requirements, we have shipped many tools and extensions that mostly address productivity improvements when using Microsoft’s ALM platform Team Foundation Server. Figure 1 gives an overview about some of our solutions (see also AIT tools website).

Figure 1: Overview AIT Tools

Figure 1: Overview AIT Tools

Almost all of the tools and extensions shown in figure 1 are available for free. One of our latest announcements is TFS ASAP Online, which is the Visual Studio Online pendant to TFS ASAP (Automated Servicing and Administration Platform), a platform that enables Team Foundation Server to support more business rule automation than provided out-of-the-box.

In November 2014 we announced the public preview of TFS ASAP Online. Now we can announce that TFS ASAP has been adopted as an official Visual Studio Online Integration. Amid other useful integrations (see figure 2), TFS ASAP extends Visual Studio Online by automating manual and error-prone work. For example certain information on task level like the blocked field (MSF for CMMI Process Template) or state values can be aggregated to parent work items like Requirements, User Stories, or Product Backlog Items.

Figure 2: Visual Studio Online Integrations Website

Figure 2: Visual Studio Online Integrations Website

While TFS ASAP Online integrates with Visual Studio Online, the product TFS ASAP  extends your on-premise Team Foundation Server. Hence, if you are using Visual Studio Online, TFS ASAP Online is the perfect partner to automate some stuff. Otherwise, if you are using an on-premise Team Foundation Server, the locally installable version TFS ASAP is the right choice to get rid of some tasks you could automate.

Feel free to register for TFS ASAP Online or order a free trial of TFS ASAP. In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to ask via

Please follow the links below for further information:

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