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Eike Brändle

Eike Brändle

How to use the VSO Task Board to directly close Tasks and don’t have to think about Remaining Work

Donnerstag, 16. April 2015

The TFS Task Board is a comfortable tool to manage and update tasks. Many of our customers are using the TFS Task Board in their daily meetings to coordinate their work. Despite the comfortable handling, there are still functionalities which need manual activity. To reduce this manual effort, TFS ASAP Online includes several automations.

Today, we introduce a new feature concerning the closing of tasks directly on the VSO Task Board. This feature affects the following Process Templates:

» MSF for Agile Software Development

» MSF for CMMI Process Improvement



Happy day scenario

In the happy day scenario, we assume that finished Work Items are set to Closed. Additional we assume that a Work Item which is set to Closed does not need any further work. Hence, Remaining Work field should be set to zero.

Using Team Foundation Server, the Remaining work can be set to Zero by modifying the process template. For Visual Studio Online this option does not work. The value of Remaining Work is not altered without manual action.


As the screenshot above unveils, Remaining Work still remains on its original value, even though the Work Item is set to Closed.

In the happy day scenario, we would expect the following value:



We are using an Azure-hosted background service to reduce manual activity, establish the happy day scenario and automatically set Remaining Work to zero when the Work Item set to Closed. This feature is now available in TFS ASAP Online, our official extension for Visual Studio Online.

Note that in the described happy day scenario, Completed Work can automatically be increased by another feature of TFS ASAP Online (Learn how to maintain Completed Work without manual action).

Feel free to register for TFS ASAP Online. In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to ask via

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