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Benjamin Boost

Benjamin Boost

Our tool family is growing – welcome AIT Voting Extension

Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015

Since November 18th 2015 the marketplace and extensions for Visual Studio Team Services – former named Visual Studio Online (VSO) are available. We are proud to present the first release of the AIT Voting Extension today. Using this extension enables your stakeholders to vote for their favorite items. The voting results can be applied to your backlog. As voting are setup for each team separately you can address multiple groups of stakeholders at the same time.

Democratize your backlog with our Voting Extension.

Ask your stakeholders to vote for their favorite backlog items (requirements, features, tasks,…).

Align your work on your stakeholders‘ needs.


For more information please refer to our short video tutorial:



  • Creating a voting and updating the backlog requires team administrative privileges
  • Only unfinished Work Items can be voted

Quick Steps

  1. Team administrator creates a new voting
  2. He/She specifies in the title and the description why the actual voting is necessary (Optional)
  3. He/She decides whether multiple voting per Work Item is allowed
  4. He/She decides which Work Item Type should be displayed
  5. With click on save the voting got started
  6. Each team member votes for the items it want to see on the top of the team backlog
  7. The team administrator applies the (interim) results to his backlog

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