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Christian Schlag
ist Software Process Consultant, Autor und Referent im Umfeld Microsoft ALM bei der AIT GmbH & Co. KG Stuttgart.

Christian Schlag

New version of AIT Dependency Manager with Visual Studio 2015 support

Dienstag, 03. Mai 2016

A new version of our AIT Dependency Manager for Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 is available. Both versions can now retrieve dependencies from Subversion repositories. The version of Visual Studio 2015 also supports build results of TFS 2015 JSON build system.


Subversion Integration

Apart from the existing providers Source Control, File Share, Build Result and Binary Repository it is possible with the new version to download files from Subversion repositories. Figure 1 shows the necessary parameters. The URL of the Subversion repository is stored in the field Subversion Path, a locally stored repository can be defined alternatively. Using the Version Spec field the most recent revision (Head revision) or a specific revision can be retrieved. As with the other providers, it is possible to exclude files and directories by providing an Exclude Filter or to select specific files and folders via Include Filter. The path for storing the dependencies can be defined relative as well as absolute in the Output Path field.


Figure 1: Parameters of Subversion provider

JSON build results (Visual Studio 2015 only)

The version 2015 of TFS includes a completely redesigned build system, which brings many new features, such as cross-platform support (Linux, MacOS), a history of the build parameters and configuration via web browser.

The parameters of a build definition of the new build system are stored in a JSON file, which can be compared via the history of a build definition (see Figure 2). The existing build system (based on XAML) is still supported in TFS 2015.


Figure 2: comparison of two JSON files of the new TFS 2015 build system

Build results based on the JSON build system can be referenced with the new provider called Build Result JSON. This provider offers the same configuration options as the original Build Result provider for XAML Builds, with one difference. Since the JSON build system currently does not support Build Quality indicators, this filter has been replaced with a filter for Build Tags, which can be assigned to each build run.


Figure 3: Left: Build Result JSON provider; Right: Build Result provider for XAML builds

The provider Build Result for XAML builds remains unchanged, so the backward compatibility is ensured with existing configurations of AIT Dependency Manager.

The new version for Visual Studio is available on the Visual Studio Gallery (Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015). The installation package for the build Integration can be downloaded from our website.

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