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Benjamin Boost

Benjamin Boost

New release of TFS ASAP for TFS 2015 Update 3

Freitag, 22. Juli 2016

We are proud to present the new release of our TFS Automated Servicing and Administration Platform (TFS ASAP). Besides some minor bug fixes, this version supports update 3 of Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015. In addition, we improved the usability of the Global Lists Editor.

Administering global lists in TFS is not straight forward. Out of the box, this can only be achieved by using command line or the TFS Power Tools. Both ways require the user to be member of the Project Collection Administrators group. Thus, the number of users who can maintain global lists and their entries are very limited. To remove this limitation TFS ASAP provides the Global Lists Editor, a web based administration platform.

Global List

Within this web page, global lists can be created, updated and deleted. By sorting the global lists and its entries alphabeticaly it should now be easier to find the items you are looking for. New entries are always added on top of the list until the next page load. There is also the option to enable users who are not in the Project Collection Administrators group to maintain global lists by creating a dedicated TFS group. For detailed information about this feature please refer to our user manual (chapter 6).

The installer (Build 14.30.16216.2) can be downloaded here and for further information please visit If you don’t have a licence key, you can request a trial at

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