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Benjamin Boost

Benjamin Boost

Nearly sim-shipped – TFS ASAP 2017 is available

Dienstag, 17. Januar 2017

Two months ago, Microsoft released Team Foundation Server 2017 (TFS 2017). Now we are very happy to present the new release of our on-prem TFS add-on TFS ASAP (TFS Automated Servicing and Administration Platform) . This release brings support for the latest TFS 2017 version and has also a new State Aggregation Automation feature.

In the past, customers had sometimes issues while configuring the State Aggregation Automation as the was no way to exclude work item states from the execution. One customer wanted to change the state of a parent from ‚Active‘ to ‚Resolved‘ if all children are ‚Resolved‘ or ‚Closed‘. This can be done easily. But after closing all parents manually in the review, they have been automatically reset back to ‚Resolved‘ if any change was made to the parent itself or any child item later. If you look at the unexpected state change from an algorithm point of view , the result is correct:  All children are ‚Closed‘ so the parent must be ‚Resolved.

Excluding states of the parent work item

Unfortunately, this is not the way it has to work from the user’s perspective. To make the automation more user-friendly we added an exclusion list for states of the parent work item. Within this list one or multiple states can be added. If the parent work item is in one of the listed states, the automation will change anything. If there is no excluded state, the node must be left empty

The installer (Build 15.0.16342.2) can be downloaded here and for further information please visit If you don’t have a license key, you can request a trial at

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